Doubled international revenues

 How we did it:   Upgraded sales forces and channels and provided accountability, visibility, and support. Set up and managed worldwide sales operations through subsidiaries, distributors, resellers and partners.


 Outcome:   Built, led, and grew fully-owned subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Launched European distributors in UK and Germany, Asian distributors in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and India.

Delivered fast turnaround

. . . in profitability and double-digit revenue growth.


 How we did it:   Keen insight into business problems and root causes coupled with relentless execution.

Achieved longest record of profitability

. . . and record profit performance in company history.


 How we did it:   Created and implemented bold solutions that led to higher profits and revenues.

Executed strategic partnerships

. . . encompassing software, hardware, operations, marketing, manufacturing, testing, and technical support.


 How we did it:   Led programs with major industry players. Facilitated, oversaw, and delivered all agreed-upon initiatives of business engagements. Worked closely with all functional areas and interacted with all levels at partner companies, from line staff to top executives.


 Outcome:   Efforts resulted in successful acquisition and migration of technology and company assets.

Won key customers over larger competitors

 How we did it:   Leveraged internal and external resources to win key accounts over stronger competitors, and aligned customer needs and product road maps with shared commitment and risk.

Acted as ambassador

. . . representing company at key events worldwide.


 How we did it:   Took responsibility for implementation, budget, and logistics of high-visibility events.


 Outcome:   Successfully navigated cultural differences to achieve on-the-ground business success in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America. Interesting countries visited include Malta and Ethiopia.

Deployed successful marketing strategy

. . . including creating a global marketing vision and implementing integrated multi-channel strategies for rapid growth.


 How we did it:   Demand generation programs, brand awareness, customer communication, pipeline analysis, and analytical reviews.

Recruited and grew world-class teams

. . . in highly competitive technical markets.


 How we did it:   Attracted, retained, and provided career growth for senior software engineers, architects, directors, product managers, marketing directors, country managers, sales and account managers.