. . . a wealth of experience in the areas of product management, software product development, hands-on general management in fast-moving, advanced technology markets.

Jim Tooker Senior Software Engineer

. . . His management and leadership skills led to quantifiable results in the areas of P&L, product development, product line management, and the creation of outstanding worldwide teams.

David Cardoze Software Engineer, Google

. . . able to bridge the gap between the technical and business worlds to achieve corporate objectives.

Markus Fischer Senior Expert Germany

…extremely professional, trustworthy, and hard working. His work ethic inspires others around him to work hard as well. In a lead operational role, Dan is a valuable member of an executive team.

John Tanner, Ph.D. President and CEO

. . . an outstanding technology executive who builds, grows, and develops organizations into high-performing teams.

Yoshiko Shimogaki Japan

a unique mix of experience and skills that makes him an excellent professional to run a technology company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Mike Pinelis, Ph.D. President and CEO

. . . the driving force in the expansion of our technical team, implementing creative, thorough, and effective efforts to hire great engineers that were the right fit.

Reese Faucette Technical Leader

Dan had a photographic memory and the mental ability to retain statistical and mathematical information for years.

Veronica Cruz Senior Accountant

. . . always delivered excellent financial results through effective P&L management, helping the success of the company.

Kevin Connery Sr. Software QA Analyst

Dan’s guidance has been instrumental in the growth of Tanner EDA both domestically and internationally on a world wide basis.

Robin White General Manager

. . . “multilingual” in his ability to speak the different languages of customers, engineers and execs, and work profitably with all of them.

John White Content Marketing Writer

An intelligent and personable leader with excellent sales and marketing talents . . .

Karen J. Popp Program Project Manager

. . . a keen understanding of and ability to balance technical and business needs to ensure successful program completion.

Elmer Arment Consultant

I was (and continue to be impressed) by Dan’s business acumen, and his ability to develop strategies and practices for creating growth.

Weston Westenborg Problem Solver @ Joymode

. . . offers strong advice and execution in designing and creating technical, marketing, sales, and operations teams in startup software companies.

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